Doctors Beam Video Directly to Patients’ Brains, Helps them See Again

A brain implant that transmits video directory to the visual cortex is allowing some formerly blind patients to see.

Via The Daily Mail:

“Previously all attempts to create a bionic eye focused on implanting into the eye itself. It required you to have a working eye, a working optic nerve,” Shortt told the Daily Mail.

“By bypassing the eye completely you open the potential up to many, many more people.

“This is a complete paradigm shift for treating people with complete blindness. It is a real message of hope.”

The six participants in trials of the Orion Visual Cortical Prosthesis System had a 60-electrode panel implanted in the visual cortex at the back of their brains. Doctors then spent months with them using computers to map their visual fields. Basically, they were reteaching the visual cortex how to process images.

Once the mapping was complete, the participants were given eyeglasses with small video cameras on the front.

“It was an incredible moment,” said one participant who saw his wife and children for the first time. “It was very humbling.”

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