Michael Cervieri

Michael Cervieri is the creator of Ronaut Dreams. In a previous life, he founded the Future Journalism Project, was Media Director at Harmony Labs, and Digital Director at WITNESS. He's taught at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and its Graduate School of Journalism. Along the way he won an Emmy in advanced Media.

Would You Turn Your Child into a Cyborg?

A mom hacks Google Glass to help her autistic son understand facial expressions. Along the way, she wonders how neurotechnologies will influence how we augment ourselves, what traits we’ll consider inherently human, and what might be lost as we rid ourselves of them.

We’re About to Anger the Volcano Gods. Again

Samsung’s AI lab releases video showing how it can manipulate a single image to emulate someone talking. An AI startup creates a near perfect reproduction of a popular podcaster’s voice. It’s only just the beginning.

Manufacturing Ignorance at Scale

How does ignorance get strategically manufactured? Flooding the field with dubious content and spreading it with homespun networks.

Hubble Turns 29, Continues to Make Pretty

The Hubble Telescope has captured the spectacular in space for almost three decades, bringing us light years into the past and helping us ponder the future.

We’re Drowning in our Waste

America’s trash problem is growing and getting worse. China used to be our dumping ground. Now our waste has no place to go.

Self-Driving Cars: What Could Go Wrong?

Self-driving cars are only as smart as the artificial intelligence controlling them. A new study indicates that the darker your skin, the more likely you are to be hit by one. There’s a simple, and unfortunate, reason why.