Notes & Ponderables

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We’re About to Anger the Volcano Gods. Again

Samsung’s AI lab releases video showing how it can manipulate a single image to emulate someone talking. An AI startup creates a near perfect reproduction of a popular podcaster’s voice. It’s only just the beginning.

Thoughts on Documentary Films While Watching Flightless Baby Geese Jump from 400 Foot Cliffs

Nature shows are awesome. But what are they? Because they’re not quite documentaries.

Hubble Turns 29, Continues to Make Pretty

The Hubble Telescope has captured the spectacular in space for almost three decades, bringing us light years into the past and helping us ponder the future.

Smart Roads: Forget HOV, How About a Charging Lane

Sweden’s highway rails show a road to electric car future.

Robots Playing Basketball

Yes, it’s weird. But Toyota has a robot that drills three pointers.

Selling Miami Real Estate Before it’s Underwater

How do Miami’s real estate agents sell property that may be underwater in the next 30 years? With a smile full of optimism.

Read: Heaven or High Water, via Popula.